Forever Living Product

Hey people !

My mom’s friend introduced my mom to this brand called FOREVER LIVING , it’s an american brand that uses all it’s product from natural ingredients using Aloe Vera .

Benefits of Aloe Vera :

Reduces wrinkles

Aide on diagestion

Boots immune system

Treat inflammation and burns

Reduce stretch mark …

So what i bought with my mom was these products :



  1. Sun screen -SPF 30 (price 43 QR =11 euros)
  2. Heat Lotion :Used  when you feel pain on your muscles (price 43 QR =11 euros)
  3. Gelly cream : Used to calm irritated skin (price 43 QR =11 euros)

IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4993

My mother bought make up also ,it consist on a creamy foundation and a blush that are represented this way :

IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 The foundation have a midium coverage i would say , it’s light on the skin .The blush was nice and rosy .But those products aren’t mine they suits my mom skin because she is more fair than i’am .

Forever living have diffrent colors and shades if you want to look up into natural cosmetics.They have shampoos and even pills made from bee wax and juice for diet , to make a person loose weight and to be more active .

To be honest , me i dont have no interest in internal products consumption like the juice and the natural pills . I like only the creams .

Also something else that you didn’t know  is that when you become a client to this compaany you get dicount on the products. Since my mom’s friend told my mom about it , she gave her a code to tell to the seller in order to make her discount . My mom bought with an ammount of 300 QR = 75 euros  , so the seller gave her code because she spend more than 200 QR , that code can make her have discount and get points her and the person who uses her code .

If you want to have discount use this code :971000427659

In your turn when you spend over 200QR =50 euros you get a code your self and then you  start getting points that you can transform into products or money when they cumulate.

The web site :



Wonder’full Mascara

Hey lovely people !

Today’s review as you can see from the title it’s about the wonder’full mascara from rimmel london.

  • The packaging of the mascara is okay .I would loved that it was more colorfull but it’s fine that’s not very important.
  • What catched my eyes was the composition of this mascara.It has organ oil on it , like you know how that oil is beneficial to the hair , the eyelashes and the eyebrows.
  • The brush is made from silicon doesnt catch a lot of products and which make your eyeleshes not clump.

✨To see the diffrence i have applied rimmel london scandleyes on on eye and wonder’full on the other .Here you can see the result ✨

As you can see , wonder’full mascra is really wonderfull! It elangates the lashes and gives more clean finish .

So i give this mascara a👍.

Dont hesitate to comment if you have used this mascra and let me know if you liked it or if you prefere and ither mascara . I would love to know.

Thank you so much for reading , see you around 🙂 


Makeup of the day

Today i decided to do a simple soft makeup . It’s wearable at any time of the time . I put a yellow mat eye shadow on lid and on the crease i mixed a brown and orange shimmery color and blended it up to the eye brows and finished with a black eye liner ! I hope you like this look 🙂


Oatmeal face mask

Hello every one !
Excuse me for my absence .I have been so busy the last month with exams , and now i move out from Paris to do my internship .So yeah ! a lot have been going on my life.
I just wanted to point out to day to something very simple ,oatmeal ! It’s this delicious cereal that you love to eat at any time of the day .You can make from it a breakfast , pancakes , cookies, you can make with it what ever you want . .



Like i said oatmeal is delicious you can feed your self and your skin with it.
I used it couple times as a mask and i can tell you that it leaves your soft like a baby.
So all you need is aot and water and a container to put on it the mixture.
You take the ammount desired for the oat , you put it in a container and add to it water a little by little(you can add the milk instead if the water if you want) .
After you see that a white liquid appeared on the surface , you should stop pooring water .
You should take a cotton and dipp it in the white liquid and then swiped it all over your face .Afterwards take the wet oat and put it on your face ( ovoid the eye area) .Leave it about 15min .
In the end wet your hands with warm water and massage your face with curcular motion in order to gently exfoliate your face.After washing all your face you can use any other cleanser to better clean your face.You will feel your skin so smooth and it will look brighter.Ps:You can use this mask as much as you want during the week because it’s natural and it doesnt hurt your skin. I hope that you have liked my articale and let me know if you will try or have tried this mask before.


Lazy hair style

Hello !! Today is sunday , to me it’s the worst day of the week because tomorrow is monday ! Which means that i have to go back to school and deal with all that stress of the exams . As i hate sundays , i tried to make my days easier by doing things i like . I had a cup of tea and two delicious cookies with caramalized almond and choclat chips while revinsing for my exams . I was thinking since tomorrow is monday , and i have exams ,why not go for a lazy hair style (though i always do my hair the same way ) :a lazy bun or a half updo .



Things we like but we can’t do it

Lately I have been liking purple hair , i don’t know why ! I just fell in love with this hair color , i think it’s so beautiful .Plus the way that is styled in this pony tail , i think is so flattering.Personally I wont dye my hair like that , not because i don’t want to .It’s be cause i can’t.
The reasons are :
-It doesn’t match my skin color
-Not accepted at work !
So what about you girls , would you die your hair like this ?