As you all know how obsessed I’am with skin care products, Again, today I went to the mall to buy groceries. Like always, I end up either in boots or lush but this time I went to the body shop. I was not actually into the body shop that much. I used to be kind of a lush girl, but since I almost used all lush product and I’m eager to try new things. I said to my self “Let’s go to the body shop today”. I used up all my skin care products and I really needed a good moisturiser. The lady at the shop advised me with the Vitamin E range. So I took the overnight serum-in-oil for my face and eyes cube for my under eye circles (my biggest problem ever). I have some blemished that was caused by the sun, so I took tea tree blemish gel and an exfoliator sponge. I looked on internet and I have seen some good reviews on these products that I have purchased. Hopefully they do wonders on my skin! I will keep you updated on how I think of these product and if they have worked for me. Talk to you soon Girls!


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