Summer Favourites

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Hey everyone,I have been absent for a while on my blog. I was busy with my internship. Now I have free time to be active on my blog. For today’s post I chose to write about the items that I’m liking at this moment. Lollitinit from benefit is my favourite lip product. This tint have a purple color but once you apply it on your lips it gives a nice dark pink color. Wearing toms is always a good idea to be stylish and to feel conformable at the same time. Gold accessories are my way to go, I feel that it compliments very well a tan skin.Last is the purifying water from uriage, I got it on biba magazine of last month. It smells like rose water and leave the skin refreshed .I hope you guys will enjoy summer and I please send me a link to your blog if you have posted your summer favourites so I can check it out.


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