Max factor eye shadow Review

Hey lovelies 💎

Today’s review will be about Max Factor eye shadow .

It ´s represented like you see in the picture.Me when i first sow it i thought it was a pink eyeliner ( since it’s the trend on the runaways). 

  • The packaging is nice , similar to rimmel london eyeliner.

  • The applicator is a decent sponge
  • There is a small ball inside that shakes the product .

  • The color is shimmery , baby pink and easy to blend.
  • This color is nice on the eyes , it brightens the eyes and gives it  a natural  beautiful look without being overdone , don’t forget to always look for softness and simplicity in a look .

Me i would just put this product with a black eyeliner and mascara , and Voila! You got a perfect look 🎀.

  • The price is affordable 37 Qr = 8 euros .

For the ones who likes colors there is green, gold, silver and brown .

Thank you fo much for being faithfull to my blog .Talk to you soon guys ✨



4 thoughts on “Max factor eye shadow Review

  1. fatimab says:

    Je connaissais pas mais ça a l’air pratique ! Dis moi c’est quoi ton vernis? :)) Et comment tu fais les images en blanc c’est trop bien fait !

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