Forever Living Product

Hey people !

My mom’s friend introduced my mom to this brand called FOREVER LIVING , it’s an american brand that uses all it’s product from natural ingredients using Aloe Vera .

Benefits of Aloe Vera :

Reduces wrinkles

Aide on diagestion

Boots immune system

Treat inflammation and burns

Reduce stretch mark …

So what i bought with my mom was these products :



  1. Sun screen -SPF 30 (price 43 QR =11 euros)
  2. Heat Lotion :Used  when you feel pain on your muscles (price 43 QR =11 euros)
  3. Gelly cream : Used to calm irritated skin (price 43 QR =11 euros)

IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4993

My mother bought make up also ,it consist on a creamy foundation and a blush that are represented this way :

IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 The foundation have a midium coverage i would say , it’s light on the skin .The blush was nice and rosy .But those products aren’t mine they suits my mom skin because she is more fair than i’am .

Forever living have diffrent colors and shades if you want to look up into natural cosmetics.They have shampoos and even pills made from bee wax and juice for diet , to make a person loose weight and to be more active .

To be honest , me i dont have no interest in internal products consumption like the juice and the natural pills . I like only the creams .

Also something else that you didn’t know  is that when you become a client to this compaany you get dicount on the products. Since my mom’s friend told my mom about it , she gave her a code to tell to the seller in order to make her discount . My mom bought with an ammount of 300 QR = 75 euros  , so the seller gave her code because she spend more than 200 QR , that code can make her have discount and get points her and the person who uses her code .

If you want to have discount use this code :971000427659

In your turn when you spend over 200QR =50 euros you get a code your self and then you  start getting points that you can transform into products or money when they cumulate.

The web site :



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