Wonder’full Mascara

Hey lovely people !

Today’s review as you can see from the title it’s about the wonder’full mascara from rimmel london.

  • The packaging of the mascara is okay .I would loved that it was more colorfull but it’s fine that’s not very important.
  • What catched my eyes was the composition of this mascara.It has organ oil on it , like you know how that oil is beneficial to the hair , the eyelashes and the eyebrows.
  • The brush is made from silicon doesnt catch a lot of products and which make your eyeleshes not clump.

✨To see the diffrence i have applied rimmel london scandleyes on on eye and wonder’full on the other .Here you can see the result ✨

As you can see , wonder’full mascra is really wonderfull! It elangates the lashes and gives more clean finish .

So i give this mascara a👍.

Dont hesitate to comment if you have used this mascra and let me know if you liked it or if you prefere and ither mascara . I would love to know.

Thank you so much for reading , see you around 🙂 



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