Oatmeal face mask

Hello every one !
Excuse me for my absence .I have been so busy the last month with exams , and now i move out from Paris to do my internship .So yeah ! a lot have been going on my life.
I just wanted to point out to day to something very simple ,oatmeal ! It’s this delicious cereal that you love to eat at any time of the day .You can make from it a breakfast , pancakes , cookies, you can make with it what ever you want . .



Like i said oatmeal is delicious you can feed your self and your skin with it.
I used it couple times as a mask and i can tell you that it leaves your soft like a baby.
So all you need is aot and water and a container to put on it the mixture.
You take the ammount desired for the oat , you put it in a container and add to it water a little by little(you can add the milk instead if the water if you want) .
After you see that a white liquid appeared on the surface , you should stop pooring water .
You should take a cotton and dipp it in the white liquid and then swiped it all over your face .Afterwards take the wet oat and put it on your face ( ovoid the eye area) .Leave it about 15min .
In the end wet your hands with warm water and massage your face with curcular motion in order to gently exfoliate your face.After washing all your face you can use any other cleanser to better clean your face.You will feel your skin so smooth and it will look brighter.Ps:You can use this mask as much as you want during the week because it’s natural and it doesnt hurt your skin. I hope that you have liked my articale and let me know if you will try or have tried this mask before.



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