Chic and classy

When i was 13 , i used to love wearing sneakers all the time , and that case was still until i arrived to my senior year of high school .Girls were wearing makeup and dressing girly .I said to my self “Girl you are growing up ! you need to start changing your style a little bit ” .There came the time where i bought my ballerina shoes ! I was so happy and i liked it . It had a gold color and i thought that it was so beautiful .Since that time my style transition become to occur.I went to the university , i was still not leaving my pairs of jeans (until to day lol) , i mean Who doesn’t love wearing jeans ? But after wards as the years passed by and i was looking on internet , reading magazines ; i discovered that i liked the way that some celebrity dresses .I thought that that style , is a chic style , makes you look as women of power , a women that people takes seriously also that makes you look rich without spending a fortune. I loved that style , it’s so simple but chic. Im trying to build my closet on that kind of style. I don’t want to lie and say , i’m going to ban sweat shirts or jeans ! no way ! But it’s nice to have pieces like you will see on these pictures down below:







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