Birchbox mai 2014

Hello ! In this article i will share with you the content of my birchbox and what i think about it . So here is what my birchbox for the month of may looks like.


To say the trueth i was a bit disoppointed . Who would want a disinfincting in a box when they can buy a bigger bottle for 1 euro .

As for the Bioslik i liked its smell , it says that it´s a hair oil made with silk for a smoothing effect .

And i have received this body scrub from saba paris ; its smells like misk , i havent used it to be honest because im not into product like that plus its a small ammount to see the effectivness of this product.

Then i have received Akane lip balm ; its smells like rasberry , they say that we can use it like a cream blush , but i wont do that cos its very shiny to apply it on the cheeks.

Laura Mercierbronzer powder ; when i apply it , it looks like i havent used nothing.Plus , i dont use bronzers , i just like light and natural make up .

So this month the box wasnt as good as i expected , i hope that i can cet luckier next month . What about you ? Did you like you Birchbox of this month?

Dont forget to leave a comment down below and let me know about your beauty box experience .


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