Beauty box

hhfI have heard a lot about beauty boxes , like one year ago , but it took me almost a year to decide to subscribe to it …i don’t know why it took me so long.
For the ones who doesn’t known the concept , I’m going to explain it now .
Once you subscribe to a box , you will get every month 4 to 5 samples of skin careskin care products and make up . And what make receiving the box exciting is that you dont know what´s inside of your box .So you have a surprise every month in your mail box .
However , a surprise is not always a good one ! It depends on what you get inside your box and either you like it or not .

I cant say im so happy about what i got in my first box ( i will post a video of it soon ) but i think that the products were OK ; i will see what i get in my next one…and maybe try out other boxes .makeup , birchbox, girl, fashion, life, style,box


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