Top 5 online shopping websites

Hey girls ! We all get lazy sometimes or we don’t have time to go out to do our shopping , but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it online .
My top 5 shopping websites are :
I think its a good website because it has a lot of clothes selections ,i can find almost all the brands that i shop from ,also it has always sale on it , so its good for student who have limited budget and want to look trendy !
They have new arrivals every day , and the shipping is free .Can we ask for better!


The name says everything ! Its a website that offers a huge selection of cosmetics and beauty products .It’s cheaper than sephora or other stores in Paris .
The shipping is free

It’s a Spanish brand that offers a good clothing qualities for reasonable prices, they have season sale that starts from 30% to 70% .
Shipping to France cost almost 4 euros ,but it’s free if you purchase a value of 30 euros or

Oh ! i just have a crush for this brand , almost all my clothes come from Zara.They have the best clothing style ever , i wouldn’t say its cheap ,but it depends on what you buy .
I think the shipping is like Mango’s (i always buy from the store ,never ordered online since it’s buy my house )
If you want me do you a Zara haul i would ,cos i got shoes coats and clothes from there !


This website is like lookfantastic ,its good to do some price comparison when buying the products .


So let me know in the comment if you have ever shopped from these web sites or if you have other websites recommendations Thanks for reading 🙂


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